I love fruit stands! We found them along the sides of the road in Southern Hawaii. They were selling pineapples, coconuts, bananas, apple bananas, dragon-fruit, passion fruit, lychees, and mangoes. I had my heart set on drinking out of a coconut. Most of us ordered coconut drinks.

The woman selling them to us started by hacking the husk away from the nut with a machete. It made me anxious just watching her. She hacked away with such force, if she missed, she could easily loose a finger. Can you imagine cutting open a coconut like this for the first time? Gahhh.

“We felt like we had some kind of bargaining right with this little piece of insider’s advice.”

While we were sipping on our coconuts, we checked out the other produce, played with her cat, and looked for geckos. In addition to the coconuts, we bought several apple bananas. When we got in the car we passed out the little bananas to everyone. They were unexpectedly delicious! Had we know how good they were, we would have bought more. We stopped to get more at the next fruit stand we saw. Later when we were telling a local about our new love for apple bananas, he too agreed they were good, but advised us not to pay more than $0.25 per banana, “anything more is a rip off”. We felt like we had some kind of bargaining right with this little piece of insider’s advice.

There are a lot of fun little stands in Hawaii worth stopping for: fruit stands, macadamia nut stands, honey stands, and coffee bean stands. Be sure to check them out! ♦

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