Shucking our own oysters was more fun than I had imagined.

There was an oyster farm down the road from us in Orcas, and another one on San Juan Island; both were great!

1. First you pick out a dozen oysters.

2. Then you grab your supplies: towel, glove (optional), and knife.

3. Firmly holding the oyster with a towel or glove, insert the tip of the knife into the back of the oyster. Rock the knife side to side to pop open the oyster. Once the knife is inside, run it along the top of the inside of the oyster cutting the top foot. Then do the same on the bottom of the oyster cutting the top foot. Viola!

4. Dress it with lemon juice, vinegar, marinara, or their homemade sauce.

5. Slurp it up! Haha. If you’re new like us, you’ll probably get a few shell flakes in your bite, but it’ll still taste delicious.


David says he plans to own an oyster farm when we retire. I sure wouldn’t mind… seems relaxing, it’s good for the ecosystem, and it’d be nice to live on the ocean. ♦

Tip: Choose small to medium oysters, the larger ones tend to be more slimy.

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