Exploring around the Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park on the Big Island was better than we expected so we went there twice! It was a couple hour drive from our rented house, but it was worth it. My favorite experience was hiking across the lava bowl.

These are the four main things we did while we were at the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park:

  1. Walked along some of the lush trails. They are beautiful and most are mild enough for everyone in the family.
  2. Explored lava flows. They are dark cave-like tunnels you can walk through.
  3. Trekked across the lava bowl. This was one of my favorite experiences because it feels like an epic walk you would see in something like Lord of the Rings. It was maybe a half mile walk over smooth dried lava. Along the way there were natural steam vents, rocks to climb up on, and rocks pile towers made by other hikers. The best part was when the fog rolled in and gave the whole atmosphere a mysterious feeling.
  4. Watched the warm glow of the volcanoes center from the lookout point. We spent about an hour trying to capture a good picture of the volcano glow. To get this picture below, we used long exposure so the warm glow and stars really stand out.
Tips: Bring a jacket to wear at night, it gets cold even in the summer. Reserve a table at The Rim. Enjoy the sunset over a cocktail while waiting for your table and watch the glow from your table at night.

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