Lost for days is David & Raquel (and Moby). We’ve been together for about 10 years and during that time we’ve figured it all out. All of it. Name something, we figured it out. After knowing it all, life gets pretty boring so we decided to travel the world for the remainder of our years using some amazing traveler tips about how not to get overcharged with the rail fare hikes.

We met at a bon fire on the beach near Dana Point, CA, USA. We we’re engaged under a waterfall  in Costa Rica and have been travelling the world together ever since. We’re both really into meeting new people, experiencing cultures, finding secret hidden gems and packing up our bags to rush off to the next destination.

David is an adventure seeker by nature. Getting certified in SCUBA at age of 12, backpacking, mountaineering, hiking, free-diving, spearfishing, etc. Those passions are quick and easy ways to spend all of your money. So, in order to feed the habits, he’s been working in tech.

Raquel is a legit animal whisperer. 11/10 times if there is an animal nearby she is trying to feed it, name it, teach it human things, inquire about its well being and then keep in touch with it after it leaves. She has the most amazing personality and to keep David in the lifestyle he’s become accustomed to, she works in the emergency room as a bad ass, save your life RN.

With these powers combined, we are …. lost for days.

That’s the whole goal though, right? Getting lost for days.

Trying to get lost for a while to really appreciate life. Get out of your comfort zone and let life hit you. What we noticed was that time began to be the most important commodity in our lives and we were just plain broke. Not unlike everyone else, we had crazy busy schedules (meetings, projects, school, etc.) and before long we noticed that we didn’t have time to make the memories that we truly wanted. We couldn’t even leave for a weekend without having phone calls or emails that needed to be answered. After a few conversations (and lots of alcohol) we decided to jump off into the deep end.

Stop our careers and wander wherever our whimsy takes us.

For now, we’ll start with the PanAmerican highway.