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Bookmark this site! This is where the meat of our content resides. All roads lead back to here. We do our best to keep this site up to date and accurate. Stories, image galleries, how-to’s, videos, etc. will be found all over this site. If you want to be notified when we drop fresh content, please subscribe to our mailing list!

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Facebook Page

This is where we get social! We like to hear from people and like to keep updated with friends and family. We will link articles we write from here to our Facebook page so our peeps don’t miss out! We’re friendly (mostly), don’t be too shy to reach out and say “what’s the haps?!”


The crème de la crème of our photos. As amateur “photogs”, we try to take pretty pictures of the amazing places we get to see. We pick the ones we like the best and throw them up on Insta. Anything that doesn’t make the cut will be posted on our Facebook page!

YouTube Channel

Weekly updates and shenanigans! During our Pan-Am trip, we will be posting an episode every week containing all of the adventures we encountered that previous week. It gives us time to really reflect on the goings-on and add commentary to the video. Any other fun video projects we work on will also be added to this channel.