overlanding pan-american highway

We’re doing it! We’re going to attempt to drive from southern California alllll the way down to Argentina. We will be doing what’s called overlanding pan-american highway. Here is some general, quick information. All of this is totally subject to change as we make our way down;

Starting: Huntington Beach, CA, USA
Travelling to:
Ushuaia, Argentina (and back)
Estimated travel time: 18 months
Transportation: 1998 Toyota Landcruiser (Converted into an overlander)
Accommodations: Primarily our Roof Top Tent; Some AirBnB’s & Hotels as needed
Departure date: September 25th, 2017
Return date: 2019-ish
overlanding pan-american highway
This is a very rough example of our route. This will change drastically as we travel down south.
“Now, we’re no strangers to travel… but,”

We’ve been to our fair share of places. We’ve stayed in Thai hostels, camped all over, slept on friends couches, floors, etc. In fact, we like to travel a little “rough”. We enjoy getting to experience cultures and finding hidden gems off of the beaten path. However, this is something unlike anything we’ve even kind of done. I mean, we rented a camper while in Alaska once, but that was pretty light comparatively.

Things we might get to do along the way include the Hot Air Balloon FestivalDía De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead), CorcovadoGalapagos, Machu Piccu, Easter Island, Falkland Islands, Torres Del Paine, Salt Flats, and the Amazon Rainforest. We’re trying to keep our schedule as open and free as possible in case any exciting opportunities pop up.

As we make our way down overlanding Pan-American Highway we will have to be our own mechanics, financial advisors, security team, electricians, first responders and travel agency. We won’t have a safety net like we feel when we’re in our own country. In addition, neither of us speak Spanish fluently. Raquel is pretty good, but I’m completely lost. I can ask where the bathroom is. Or the library. If we need one of those in a pinch, you can count on me. Wearing multiple hats on this trip will prove to be challenging, but I think we’re up to the task!

Jack of all trades, master of none. Oftentimes better than a master of one.

overlanding pan-american highway

How are we feeling about this? Well, we’re excited more than anything. The planning phase and building out the overlander could (at times) be pretty stressful. It helps to watch other travelers blogs, Instagram accounts and YouTube channels. It keeps us motivated to turn those wrenches and organize the trip. There have been moments where we’ve thought “what the heck are we doing?!”, but those moments fade quickly. Raquel and I love making new memories as we visit new places. We think this is going to be amazing and right up our alley.


If you’re wanting to follow us along our journey, we would LOVE that. You can goto this page and check out all of the ways to follow. We will be very active and want to keep our friends and family (and you, stranger!) updated as we travel.