Week one of overlanding started when we left Thousand Palms, CA where we said goodbye to David’s parents. They have been an immense help getting our Landcruiser ready for live-in travel and putting up with our constant planning for 2-3 months. The morning we left their house they were still helping us with last minute car preps, packing, and what we didn’t know until later… stuffing sweet notes into our things to find later. We also had to say goodbye to our dog Moby (who we already miss so much).

I cried when the gate closed. I was sad to leave my dog, we had been debating about bringing him along for awhile until ultimately, we decided to leave him behind. I was also dealing with the fears I’ve been having about the trip…  will we be safe, do we have enough money, what if something happens to our family while we’re away, we’ve never done anything like this before, do we know how to do this, what if this is a bad idea. I was having last minute cold feet.

Rather than convincing myself everything would be okay, or seeking reassurance from David, I let myself be sad during the car ride to Orange County. Our destination was my Aunt’s house where my family was throwing us a Bon Voyage party. I was feeling despondent as I expected my emotions to only get worse that night. I knew our family would be there to support us, and I was getting sentimental just thinking about it. I would be saying goodbye to most of my family whom I knew I would miss for the next year.

I was expecting to feel especially sad saying farewell to my grandma. Throughout the trip planning, she has probably been the one who is most worried for us. She’s 83, but she’s in good health and she has all the apps to stay in touch… Instagram, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Facebook, Youtube, and she’s even registered for our blog’s newsletter! Yeah, my grandma is cool. She’ll probably even read this. Hi Grandma!

The party was amazing. In the end, I did cry; twice actually. But it wasn’t the sad, sentimental experience I was expecting. Overall, my spirits were lifted! Our friends and family wanted to hear details about the places we would be going, and as I described them, it reminded me of why we were doing this trip. I realized our family was more excited for us than they were worried for us. There were less tears, and more smiles. My cold feet and apprehensive feelings started fading and were replaced by renewed excitement for the trip. The get together was just what I needed before we left. Like a final blessing. 

If the well wishes weren’t enough, they also threw a potluck of our favorite foods we’d likely be missing on the trip. Like a little Thanksgiving! We sure are lucky. Thank you everyone for your support, you all make everything better! We’re lucky to have such a great family on both sides. And a special thank you to David’s parents for taking care of Moby, we know he will be well loved well.

Looking ahead I feel refreshed and ready for the adventures that come our way. Whatever may be, here we go head first!

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