Mexico is a large Latin American country known for its diverse landscape of mountains, deserts, and jungles. It was our first country after the U.S. on our way down the panam, and one of our favorites. We loved the food, the people, the affordable prices, and the culture. Below is a list of our top favorite places we visited.

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I think the Yucatan would have made the list if we didn’t cut it out for lack of time.

1.Baja Mexico

We LOVE Baja, Mexico. I don’t think we realized it until after it was over, but Baja is so nice. It’s chill, cheap, lots of free camping, nice weather, nice people, safe, whale stuff everywhere, lots of beaches, and pretty sunsets. Pick up some groceries, camp on the beach, play your favorite playlist, swim the in sea, explore, enjoy a fish taco, jog on the beach, make some guacamole, repeat! It might not sound lively enough on paper, but it was the perfect spot to relax. We’ve talked a lot about visiting again once we go back home.

2. Mexico City

If there is one big city in all of Latin America that I could see myself living in for a period of time, it would definitely be Mexico City. It is full of art, culture, activity, good food, things to see, and places to go. We were there for 4 days and it wasn’t nearly enough time to experience all of it. While we were there we went to the Anthropology Museum, the National Museum of Art, Palacio de Bellas Artes, the Zocalo, Que Bo! truffle shop, Plaza de la Republica, Angel of Independence, Chapultepec Castle, Chapultepec Park for good food, and walked down Paseo de la Reforma to see various street art. If there’s one thing I liked the most, it was the art, especially the National Museum of Art; huge paintings, low entry fare, and few people… I loved it!

3. Oaxaca City for Day of the Dead

All of Latin America celebrates Day of the Dead or Dia De Los Muertos. We kept reading that Oaxaca was the place to celebrate Day of the Dead, so that’s where we went! Oaxaca alone is a beautiful place and my second most favorite city in all of Mexico. Day of the Dead was such a beautiful experience. We had our faces painted, walked through a lively cemetery lit with candles and decorated with colorful flowers, and drank and sang with families enjoying the company of their dead relatives. The festivities last for about 5 days; we were there the whole time. I remember one night we walked down a street alley that was playing beautiful music accompanied by colorful sugar skull lights dancing on the walls. After a bit of the show, we made our way to a restaurant that over looked the ballet portraying Day of the Dead; it ended with bright energetic fireworks! After dinner we made our way home and was siphoned into a parade on two occasions. Oaxaca also had pretty art, lovely museums, great food, and wonderful people.

4. Chiapas, Mexico

Chiapas was different than the rest of Mexico. It’s jungly, green, and dense. We spent our time in the ruins of Palenque, the waterfalls of Misol-Ha, and the mineral pools at Agua Azul. Of the three, my favorite was Misol-Ha. It’s a large single waterfall that pours into an emerald pool and later spills into many pretty pools below. I liked that there were less tourists than Agua Azul, it was tranquil, and it was surrounded by jungle.

The roads in Chiapas are rough and filled with topes; yee be warned!

5. San Cristobal

This falls as the last of the five, but it’s still a cute city to visit for it’s colonial streets, quaint restaurants and stores, and casual atmosphere. If you end up here, take a morning to visit the markets. Most tourists can be found in the textile markets, but few are seen in the food market. You’ll walk through what feels like a maze passing tables of chickens ready to be sold, unusual fruits, bags of spices, bins of dried insects, kids running about, and nothing but Spanish. It was a fun experience.

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