Catalina island has a very special place in my heart.

As a kid I would visit the island almost every summer. I have two uncles that live there and my sister and I would spend our days exploring, diving, fishing, hiking and selling homemade souvenirs to tourists for ice cream money. So many great memories.

A few weekends ago, Raquel and I helped my parents ride their wave runners over there (I know, rough life right?). The 26 mile ride is usually smooth with a few bumps when you get mid-channel. Along the way chances are you’ll see some dolphins, Mola Mola, Harbor Porpoise and if you’re super lucky… a whale (I’ve only ever seen one mid-channel).

We took this opportunity to try out some gear we’ve been getting ready for our Pan-Am trip. Overall, I was happy with the Mavic Drone and the GoPro mounts.