We got lucky. They said that most days in Seward are rainy. Our guide was pleased that today was a sunny, clear, beautiful day. Early that morning we met at the office to pick out our dry suits and gear up. The 8 of us (our friends Chris and Krystal, a newlywed German couple, two guides, and us) squished onto the fast little motor boat that would take us to the glacier bay. On the way there I was just thinking how lucky we were to be experiencing all of the beauty on this trip… Every day leading up to today was stunning, and now we were about to kayak around some beautiful glaciers.

Thirty minutes later we arrive at the bay. I can see the glaciers we’re supposed to kayak to and I’m getting excited. It’s a clear day, but it’s still early so the air is cold and crisp. I take off my sweatshirt, zip up the rest of my dry suit, and don a lifejacket. Two by two we each glide onto the water careful not to tip. Our guide is amiable, light humored, and relaxed. He leads us to the mouth of the glacier bay and instructs us not to get too close to the glaciers in anticipation that they might roll.

I thought it would be fun to kayak around the glacier pieces, but I didn’t expect how pretty they would be, especially when they glistened under the rising sun. Out of the dark blue water rose beautiful light blue ice pieces in unique shapes… some big, some surprisingly huge. What made it better was the silence. Paddle, paddle, then glide… no noise, just quiet beauty. I think the quiet beauty is partly what I miss most about Alaska.

I loved this experience. I also loved the bluegrass band night in town, the impromptu hike in Denali, posing with the totem poles on a drizzling afternoon, baiting bald eagles with our comical fisherman friend, our night with an amazing woman under the aurora borealis… I could go on and on. I would love to return here, hopefully next time with more time to spend. If you are planning to a kayaking trip to Alaska you need to check out best inflatable kayaks in 2019.

Yours truly,

♥ Raquel

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