Things are staring to feel real… we put in our 30 day notice for our rental house. We’ve been living here for about 2 years now and we’ve loved it so much.  After we got better jobs we decided it was worth the extra rent to live in a house while we saved for one we would buy. Well, things have obviously changed. Instead of buying a house next year, we will be going on a big adventure!

Leaving this place has done two things for me. One, it’s making me a little nostalgic of all the good memories we’ve made here, and maybe a little sad to leave it. We’ve had some amazing parties and family get togethers I’ll always be grateful for. And two, it’s making this adventure we’re about to go on feel a lot more real.

From here, we plan to move into the small guest house on his parent’s property in Palm Desert. Moving out of our high-rent-house and into a rent free place will allow David to quit his job and thereby granting him the time to work on the company that will be earning us money while we’re away. It will also be nice to move whatever furniture we decide to keep into the guest house now, so we have it when we come back in one to two years time. Finally, being that his dad has a warehouse full of auto tools, it’ll make working on our Landcruiser easier and hopefully done sooner.

For the next three weeks we will try to sell as much of our stuff via Craigslist and garage sales before we move. We’ve already sold a bunch, but still so much left to go. After we move, David will be spending most of his time in the desert working on the car and building up his companies. I will keep my job right up until we leave. On work days I will be staying with my good friend or my mom, both of whom live 30 min from work.

Thinking ahead, I think what’s going to be most hard for me is saying goodbye to my family. I don’t know if they’ll be able to visit us on the trip, several I know will not, and I time with them is precious. Life is strange, beautiful, and full of so many decisions; I think we’re making the right ones for us, or at least I hope so. 🙂

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