Beautiful flowers in straight lines.

I finally went to the Carlsbad flower field today! I had been wanting to go to them for two years now, but I kept missing the window of opportunity from March to May when they are open. A couple of girlfriends and I decided today would be a good day to go, and it was! It was  beautiful. The sun was out, the sky was blue, and the flowers were vibrant!

We arrived at 2pm on a Tuesday, and though there were people, it wasn’t crowded. I assume there are more people on the weekend and perhaps harder to capture photos without other people in your pictures. The admission price is $14 or $13 with a AAA card discount. They offered wagon rides around the whole field for $5. We opted to just walk around, but the older men driving the tractors were pretty cute in their straw hats and overalls.

Once inside you can walk up and down the main dirt paths surrounding the fields. There are small outcroppings on the borders of the fields intended for taking pictures. People often sneaked further into the fields until they were told to return “behind the green tape”. We did a bit of sneaking to get pictures but we stayed on the dirt path. It was fun.

I was impressed by how vivid and bright the flowers were. I wish I could have captured a brilliant photo of the field picturing the gradient of rows, but they never came out as well as they looked in person. After we had our fill of the fields we made our way to the sweet pea maze next to the exit. The maze made completely out of sweet pea flowers was colorful and fragrant. It was small but cute. Overall, it was a nice experience, I’m glad I got to go this year! ♦



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