Hawaii_D2-98Akaka Falls is a popular destination for tourists visiting Hawaii. It consists of a walkway among thick foilage that circles to a lookout point with a view of Akaka Falls. The flowers and vegetation on the Akaka Falls trail is absolutely beautiful. The size of the plants were impressively large. Some of the leaves were bigger than me! The waterfall itself was beautiful, but the combination with the lush trail made it awesome.

After Akaka Falls we made a pit stop to the botanical garden near the beach. It was here that I was attacked by fire ants. That was awful yet memorable experience. I made a post about that.
Lastly, and my favorite part of this day, we did a little cliff jumping and swimming at Rainbow Falls!

A local had recommended us to swim in the pools located above the waterfall, so we were pumped to find them. They were hard to miss, you shouldn’t have trouble finding them. The little platform next to the pools was a nice surprise though. We decided to do a little jumping off of it.

If you stumble upon this cool spot, you won’t be able to see how deep the water is because it’s murky. We didn’t want to jump into shallow water or onto sharp branches so we pulled those out of the way and tested to see how deep the water was. David did some flips while Cherise and I did some Cannon Balls! It was a great time and definitely a highlight of our day. ♦


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