I’ve wanted to experience flower fields for awhile now. There’s even ones a hour’s drive from us in Carlsbad, CA, but I’ve yet to visit one. When I learned of the lavender farm on San Juan Island it immediately became a destination spot on my list.


It’s a quick drive from Friday Harbor and free to experience; you just park and walk through them. The fields aren’t large by any means, but they’re beautiful and colorful nonetheless. I really enjoyed running my hands through the lavender as I walked through the aisles.

“Imagine fields of purple swaying in the wind. It’s a warm day, bright blue skies, white puffy clouds overhead, a glittering lake behind you… the scene felt unreal.”

Inside the shop you can buy just about anything made with lavender; we tried their ice cream and lemonade. I think for about $6 you can cut a small bunch of lavender from the field to take home with you which is pretty cool. ♦

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