The San Juan Islands are beautiful, but David and I say that if we had to live on one of them, it would probably be San Juan Island itself. You can get there by ferry, boat, or private plane. We arrived as most did by ferry.

Once on the island you can rent bikes, electric bikes, scooters, or funny mini cars. We tried the electric bikes but soon realized we wouldn’t make it around the whole island in time for the last ferry. So we rented mopeds!

1. Drive to Cattle Point. It’s so pretty. You overlook a yellow field that meets a sandy beach covered in drift wood. The ocean beyond it is deep blue with a lot of white caps due to┬áthe gusty winds. It’s a scenic view worth visiting.

2. Walk through the lavender fields. The lavender was in full bloom when we were there, and so fragrant. I enjoyed walking through the fields with my hands stretched out and feel the flowers through my fingers; they smelled so lovely afterwards. Click here for more pictures.

3. Visit Lime Kiln National Park. It’s beautiful here and the most likely spot to see Killer Whales crossing.

4. Feed alpacas at the Alpaca Farm. I wanted to experience this so bad! But they were closed when we stopped to visit. I was bummed. I was hoping to feed them, but we at least got to see them from the parking spot. Here’s a picture of one of them. They looked freshly groomed.

5. Shuck your own oysters at an oyster farm. Click here to read about our fun oyster farm experiences.

6. Experience Roche Harbor on 4th of July. Seriously though, this place really celebrates 4th of July. Click here for proof.

Tips: Book the mopeds in advance, they can book up fast on popular weekends. Check the local calendar for events, the San Juan Island community hosts some really fun ones.

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