Hawaii_D5-49This beach is called Black Sand Beach, Punalu’u, or Turtle Beach for it’s commonly seen sea turtles. I was excited to collect some black sand, my mom was excited to see some sea turtles for the first time, and everyone else was excited to do some exploring. Imagine this… you park your car.

“To the front waves are crashing on the black sand, to your right there are tide pools with large sea turtles resting in them, to your left people are laying under palm trees on the sand, and behind you is a giant lily pond with ‘rooster chickens’ swimming in it.”

After a few hours Andy and Kathy had done some swimming, David and Stefan captured great pictures of the waves crashing and turtles swimming, Cherise took the nap of her life, and my mom and I explored the tide pools in search of turtles.

We had a great time and definitely recommend coming here! Just be warned that it’s expected to respect the turtles and give them their deserved space since they’re protected and like coming to this beach to lay eggs and rest. ♦



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